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August 28, 2020

 Dear Green Gables Families,

 Last weekend I dropped my daughter off in Omaha for her second year of college.  I did not want to leave her there. So many questions raced through my mind: Will she get Covid?  If she does, who will take care of her? Will she thrive with most of her classes being online?  How will she connect with her professors? With her friends? I hugged her before I left and she told me she would be okay. I replied that I knew she would, with a pit in my stomach.

 Then there is my son, Ryan, a senior in high school this year.  “Mom, they cancelled homecoming already,” he told me this week.  My reply was, “I’m sorry buddy, and it will be a unique senior year, to say the least.  You will look back on this one day and it will become history. It will help you give advice to those younger than you who experience problems…maybe even your own children someday.  It will help you see other problems in a unique way, or perhaps they will not seem as big.”  Then my inside voice was wondering, did he need to hear that now? Or should I have just said, I’m sorry, and saved this lesson for another day? Then, the pit in my stomach came back.

 No matter what age, I will never stop worrying about my kids, even though they may not even know my worries until they become parents themselves. However, I do know they will learn and grow from this, as they have from many other challenges they have experienced in their short lives so far. They will also have people beside them (the village) who will be there when they need a helping hand.

 I imagine many of you are experiencing similar worries right now. As we start this school year, I cannot help but think about what everyone is going through and I reflect on our Green Gables children, their desire to play and learn, to spend time with friends, and connect with teachers. However, there are times when all children (and every person alive) will struggle with challenges in their lives and will need to adapt, to persevere, and to live with some uncertainty. During this school year, I know there will be plenty of challenges for our students, our teachers, our staff, and our families. 

 The health and safety guidelines placed upon schools have caused us to reinvent what school “looks like”. These will also limit many of the commonly held practices and routines of students, staff, and families.  As a result, everyone is being asked to change the way that they engage in school.  This is no small task.  There will be challenges, struggles, frustration, and anxiety among all groups in our school. With that in mind, it is important as a community that we all work together to:

-  Ensure the safety, health, and wellbeing of all Green Gables students, staff, and    community members
Address all members of our community with care and respect.
Commit to a strong, laser like focus on student learning and growth.

 There will be bumps in the road, and at various points in the school year, the bumps may become more like steep hills.  Let us all move forward with the understanding that we are here to serve our students and we are all looking out for the best interests of our entire community. Together, we will get through this. We will lead, learn, and grow from those bumps and steep hills.

 On behalf of the Green Gables staff, please know that we care deeply about our children and community.  We will look out for your child whether they are online, or being dropped off at school.  I recently saw this online and it will be true for your child this year, “We will smile behind our masks and hug them in our hearts”.

Warm Regards

Suanne Hawley
Your Green Gables Principal


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