Staff List

Principal: Jenn Withee, 303-982-9920, [email protected]

Dean of Students: Jazmin Weiler, 303-982-8850, [email protected]

Business Manager: Jennifer Seltz, 303-982-8312, [email protected]

Attendance/Enrollment: Lynette Huntley, 303-982-9574, [email protected]

Name Position Email  Voicemail
Jenn Withee Principal [email protected] 9920
Jazmin Weiler Dean of Students [email protected] 8850

Rachelle Smyth                          
Innovation Coach [email protected] 8304
Jennifer Seltz Business Manager [email protected] 8312
Lynette Huntley School Secretary [email protected] 9574
Anna Le Health Aide [email protected]  4708
Julie Borja Preschool Team [email protected]  
 TBD Preschool Team    
Samantha Sheley Kindergarten Teacher [email protected] 4675
Renee Thompson Kindergarten Teacher [email protected] 3946
Maddie DeMaio 1st Grade Teacher [email protected] 3963
Mindy Hayes 1st Grade Teacher [email protected] 4966
Kaylee Hudson 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected] 3945
Kristalina Rowley 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected] 8287
Dawn Axelson 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected] 1653
Sarah Lundie 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected] 2628
Paul Turner 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected] 8334
Shannon Hahn 4th Grade Teacher [email protected] 8283
Bre Peterson 4th Grade Teacher [email protected] 7346
Diane Bishop 5th Grade Teacher [email protected] 8345
Lauren Colaizzi 5th Grade Teacher [email protected] 2911
Annie Rowley Literacy Interventionist [email protected]  
 Student Support Team  
Brandi Jakubiec Learning Specialist [email protected] 8372
Erin Sheftel Learning Specialist [email protected] 2756
 TBD Half Time Learning Specialist    
Michelle Colaizzi Social Emotional
Learning Specialist
[email protected] 2103
TBD School Psychologist    
TBD Speech Therapist    
TBD Occupational Therapist    
Annie Nolan District Nurse [email protected]
Art/Music/Physical Education/Library  
Angela Green Art Teacher  
Richard Williams Music Teacher [email protected] 8359
Elizabeth Miner Physical Education Teacher [email protected] 8207
Chris Hunt 5th Grade Band Teacher [email protected] 8061
Kirstin Miller 5th Grade Orchestra Teacher [email protected] 0556
Education Support Professionals  
Jana Cook Education Support Professional [email protected]  
Bobbi Espinoza Education Support Professional [email protected]  
Allan Gonzales Education Support Professional [email protected]  
Sina Mills Special Education Support Professional [email protected]  
Danielle Peterson Library Support Professional [email protected]  
Zack Phillips Education Support Professional [email protected]  
Metro Resident Student Teachers - Coming Soon!  
Cafeteria & Facilities  
Wafa Yako Food Services Manager [email protected]
Ione Matthews Food Services Worker [email protected]  
Luke Tran Facilities Manager [email protected] 8301
Dennis Rojas Evening Custodian [email protected]  


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